Unveil Secrets of How Mentalism Works

Unveil Secrets of How Mentalism Works

People see mentalists as special humans with supernatural powers who can read minds, move things, or bend metals. They appear to have a sixth or seventh sense and high mental abilities that the “ordinary” people do not have. These supernatural powers, however, are actually tricks that the human mind fails to recognize.

In reality, mentalists have the abilities or talents that they have practiced over time, and appear to be extraordinary and real. Now, you might be curious as to how mentalism works. In this article, we will unveil a few secrets and techniques of mentalism tricks.

Defining mentalism

Mentalism is a kind of performance, usually done on the streets or on stages in which the mentalists acts to demonstrate high mental or intuitive abilities. Telepathy, mind reading, hypnosis, clairvoyance, and other supernatural mental powers are kinds of mentalism tricks. Among these categories of mentalism, mind reading is the most common and most popular. Mind reading reveals what another person is secretly thinking inside his mind.

Most mentalism tricks are mental plays which don’t involve any special techniques or sleight of hand. It is simple know-how and adding your own style to it to make it appear more real. When you perfect it over time, other mentalism tricks become boring and plain. If you have seen many mentalism tricks, you have an idea about how it works and realize that they are easy to perform.

Learn how mentalism works

Mentalism and mind-reading tricks are no longer a mystery or secret. You do not have to be a great mentalist to perform flawless mentalism or mind-reading tricks. You can amaze your friends and family with your “supernatural” intuitive abilities when you show them that you can read their minds. Learn how mentalism works with one of the most powerful and effective mentalism method that has ever been revealed to public.

The Revelation Effect is a mentalism and mind-reading trick that makes use of methods that can be easily learned within 60 minutes. The methods were once secret but are now known through the Revelation Effect. Some mind-reading tricks involve a lot of methods, but the Revelation Effect breaks these methods down and includes only the cleanest, fairest, and smoothest methods of reading people’s minds.

Perform simple mind reading tricks

Of course your friends and family know that you do not possess any supernatural powers. But you can still amaze them with these simple mind-reading tricks. They are easy to learn and can be performed for large groups at meetings, parties, or other celebrations.

The grey elephant from Denmark

This mind-reading trick involves a little bit of arithmetic and is a good mental trick to start off with. Pick any random person, or even your friend. Ask him to pick a number between 1 and 10 and secretly keep it in his mind. Ask him to multiply that number by 9. The product is a two-digit number. Now, ask him to add the two digits together. Then, ask him to subtract 5 from the resulting number. Then, ask him to determine the letter corresponding to the number that resulted from the subtraction. For example, A for 1, B for 2, C for 3, and so on.

Using the letter, ask him to think of any country that starts with it. Then, ask him to think of an animal that starts with the second letter of the country. Finally, ask him what color of the animal is.

Blurt out “grey elephant from Denmark” and watch the person be amazed.

Black magic

This mind-reading trick can be perform for a large group, and is great during parties. But before doing this trick, ask someone to be your accomplice—that someone may be the birthday celebrant, or an important guest. You two will talk and discuss the trick, telling him or her that the signal will be naming a black object.

Now, once you gather the group, ask them, as a group, to pick an object once you leave the room. Then you will return to the room. You ask your accomplice, who the all other people in the room are unaware of, to name objects in the room.

The accomplice starts naming objects—table, chairs, balloons, and so on. He will name objects until he says a black object. Then you will instantly tell the group the object that they all picked.


Although how does mentalism works is no longer a secret, it still does not fail to amaze and entertain people. Try applying these mentalism tricks and watch the reactions of your audience.

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