The Secrets Beyond Mentalism Tricks

The Secrets Beyond Mentalism Tricks

Mentalism is a mind-boggling form of entertainment. It is one kind of performing art that includes the demonstration of highly developed intuitive or mental abilities. The people who practice mentalism are called mentalists, and are sometimes categorized as psychic entertainers. Mentalism tricks include telepathy, precognition, hypnosis, and mind control.

Mentalists have practiced their skills for years. But did you know that you can also be an instant mentalist? You don’t need any special powers or years of training to perform mentalism. All you need to do is to learn simple mentalism tricks. In this article, simple mentalism tricks will be revealed and you can perform them for your friends and family.

Easy mentalism tricks

Mind-reading trick

Mind reading is one of the most common mentalism tricks that wows the people. Make it appear like you read someone’s mind by following the simple easy mind-reading trick with a little bit of math:

  • Ask the person to think of a number between 2 to 10.
  • Ask him/her to multiply it by 9.
  • Ask him/her to add together the two digits of their answer.
  • Then, ask him/her to subtract five from the resulting number.
  • Now, ask the person to think of the letter that corresponds to that number. (For example, a for 1, b for 2, c for 3, and so on).
  • Ask him to think of a country that starts with this letter. The answer to the numerical portion of this trick is “4”, so your subject will be thinking of a country that begins with the letter “D”.
  • Write your answer and put down the paper and pencil you used. Then, ask the person to say it out loud. Show him/her the word that you wrote on the paper.

The person will be amazed. This mentalism trick works when the person you are trying to perform it with thinks of a very common answer. In this example, you asked the person to think of a country that starts with letter D. Most people will answer Denmark because it is the most common country that comes to their minds.

Hot reading

Hot reading is one of the basic mentalism tricks. It is performed with someone whom the performer already knows something about. The knowledge that the performer can use in the mind-reading trick may come from overhearing a conversation, doing research about the subject, and more. This knowledge is used to read the person and pick up visual cues such as facial expression, eye dilation, and more.

This mentalism trick takes a lot of practice. Do not be discouraged if it does not work at first attempts.

The Revelation Effect Method video  

These simple mentalism tricks and more can be found and learned from the Revelation Effect video. It claims to be the most powerful mentalism and mind-reading trick that can be perfected in less than 60 minutes of practice. It is easy to do, no switching of tools, no tearing, and 100% accurate. It involves clean, fair, and easy ways to perform mentalism and mind reading. It doesn’t need any setting up or breaking of things, and can be done anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

Included in the Revelation Effect video are step-by-step instructions, which are the very exact methods that you need to follow (and they are easy to understand); the live performances which you can watch and imitate; and additional techniques and mind-reading secrets.

Included in the video are extra bonus features and three exclusive ways to use the Revelation Effect Method—the power to disclose a name, the power to make a replica of a hidden drawing, and the power to read minds via touch.

And there’s more! When you order right away, you can get the three bonus tricks that are worth $44.85. These are the “think of a card” trick, the “psychological opener” trick, and the “Q&A secret discussion” trick. This is a huge saving on a very good purchase. It is a good idea to get it now before this offer comes to an end.

Mentalism tricks revealed

With the above mentioned simple mentalism tricks, you can easily learn the basics of mentalism and perform mind-reading tricks on your friends and family. Even more, the Revelation Effect has all the information that you need to learn mentalism without any fuss, setting up, or breaking things. It includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions and you do not need superpowers or mentalism cults.

Watch the public become amazed with your mind-reading tricks. It takes some practice, confidence, and hard work, but when you can do the tricks smoothly, you can be a very good mentalist or an excellent mind reader, even you don’t have superpowers.

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