The Revelation Effect

The Revelation Effect

The Revelation Effect is a mind reading trick and technique that comes as a series of videos. There are step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow as well as live demonstration videos included.

The trick of mind reading and mentalism as taught here is easy to master after an hour of practice. With the immense success already achieved by those who have practiced it, it is a technique that will take one’s mind reading abilities and confidence to the next level.


This training program includes the following:

  • A simple technique of mind reading explained step by step.
  • The method can be picked up by anyone.
  • It requires just 60 minutes of practice.
  • The technique guarantees the revelation of secret thoughts in the minds of strangers.
  • Videos included showcase the technique, live demonstrations and other helpful presentations.


  • The program comes in the form of videos to follow.
  • There are no lengthy e-book explanations to go through.
  • Live demonstrations of the technique included.
  • Helps any novice pick up tricks and trade secrets of mind reading.
  • Actual demonstrations increase the confidence of any novice in the technique.
  • Money-back guarantee is provided for customers who might not be satisfied with the results of the technique.


  • It depends on individual capabilities of customers to execute the technique.
  • Results might vary from one person to another.
  • There are similar techniques and tricks talked about elsewhere in this competitive market.


This e-product is an easy and convenient package of instructions in the form of videos and instructions. The Revelation Effect is a mind reading trick and technique that opens the secret world of mentalism to buyers.

Those who want to know how to predict mind thoughts of others correctly will be able to benefit from this simple yet effective technique. It is easy to master through the step-by-step demonstrations and videos shown.


If you are reading this review of The Revelation Effect, it means you are interested in mastering the art of mentalism. You might want to look at similar products in the market as well before you make a purchase.

Two similar products are Mind Reader and Awaken Your Third Eye. These books cover similar topics. The following comparison will help you decide which of these three products is right for you.

Mind Reader

Mind Reader was published in 2012. It is still on the top lists of books about mind reading. The book showcases the guidance of the author who promises to help the readers understand how they can unleash their mind power to obtain what they want in life.

This book looks at the holistic and essential use of mind power which can help to open up the spirit and openness in the mind of an individual. This is usually a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to learn and inculcate the art of mentalism.

This book might not talk about mind reading tricks and manipulation techniques, but it does go into how one can unleash their mind’s powers in getting what they want in life.

As success in life revolves around social interactions as well, one will find tips on how to read and influence others in order to get success in life.

Awakening the Third Eye

Awakening the Third Eye by Susan Shumsky is a book that talks about opening up our intuitive senses. These are always present within us, but we often ignore our intuitions or do not know how to strengthen these abilities.

The book talks about strengthening the sixth sense or the third eye. The author stresses how the development of intuitive skills will help one to get the right guidance in decision making, healing oneself and others, unleashing creativity as well as awakening one’s spiritual self.


The Revelation Effect is a series of video instructions and demonstrations, unlike the two books mentioned above. This product is more focused on revealing techniques by which one can guess other people’s thoughts correctly.

Though the approach of this method is narrower than the other two products mentioned above, it helps those wanting to learn mentalism to cultivate their inner spirit in order to gain greater long-term success in reading the minds of others.

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