The Ability to Read Minds

The Ability to Read Minds

Are you looking to learn some mind reading tricks that you can use to impress a friend or make your competitors uneasy? While mind reading is not that difficult if you practice the art of mentalism, there are certain tricks which reflect a certain way of thinking and reasoning that work every time.

Here are some mind reading techniques that you xan master in order to impress anyone. It is also important that you get the techniques right. Hence, some preparation is important if you want to be successful with the mind reading tricks you play upon people.

Selecting the right people

If you want to show off your mind reading capabilities, you need to select the right kind of people. There are certain people who like being the center of attention. Such people are usually perfect for such tests.

You need to look out for people who are not overly shy, are compliant, and respond to the jokes and conversation pieces you are putting out there. You could pick someone who is compliant, but is not too eager to be your assistant.

Making the subject comfortable

You need to start off by making the person comfortable. The technique of mirroring or being similar to the person you have picked will make them feel comfortable.

For instance, the person you have picked up might be shy. If you act timid yourself, you will be able to make the person feel comfortable.

Know about the human mind

If you want to be good at mind reading you need to be up to date about the latest discoveries in the field of human psychology. Many experienced mind readers and mentalists take notes, document their shows and even take note of small details in order to understand patterns and be able to spruce up their mind reading abilities.

It is important to be aware of existing statistics about the human mind. For instance, when you ask someone to think of a number between 1 and 10 they are likely to think of 7. However the answer will change if they are asked to respond quickly.

Usually people choose the color red if they are asked to pick a color quickly.

Understanding nonverbal signs

Even if you are trying a mind trick on someone, you need to be able to read their body language and nonverbal signs as well to get the right answer.

For instance, you might ask the other person to say “no” to anything you ask them. You might then ask them to guess a number between 1 and 10. Even if they say “no” as instructed, you need to look closely to see when they avoid eye contact. When that happens, it is likely that they are thinking of a number.

Understand body language

You need to master the art of reading body language. Most experienced mentalists are able to pick up on the way the body muscles tense or relax in response to their questions.

Our body reacts according to the thoughts in the mind. Hence, if you interact with your subject in a relaxed way, chances are that you will see the signs of their answer from the way their body reacts.

For instance, if you ask the person to pick a letter of the alphabet and then ask the audience to sing the alphabet song, the subject’s body will relax when the right alphabet is sung.

An experienced mentalist is able to perceive subtle difference in the body muscles of the subject.

Admit failure when it happens

Even if you are trying out mind reading tricks with someone and it falls flat, there is no harm in admitting failure. In fact, this warms your audience towards you and you are likely to see greater success in consequent tricks that you try.

Keep practicing it every day

In order to hone and sharpen your mind reading skills you need to keep doing it, even if it is simply by yourself. Try reading people in your everyday life.

The more you open up, put yourself in other people’s shoes and learn to observe them, the quicker you will be able to master mind reading techniques. There is nothing that can replace actually studying people when it comes to learning mind reading.

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