People Who Read Minds

People Who Read Minds

There are people who are skilled at mind reading through reading the body language of others. Also, there are people who have the ability to make accurate guesses about the other person’s thoughts or feelings.

Though there is no evidence that supports mind reading through extra-sensory perception, some people do seem to read minds accurately. If you are keen to develop the skills needed to become good at reading the minds of others to understand their thoughts and feelings, you can read through some of the tips discussed below.

Non-verbal decoding skill

Most of the ability to understand the emotions or feelings of others by mind readers is done through the study of nonverbal emotional expressions.

Tone of voice and facial expressions are some of the best examples of non-verbal emotional expressions. In order to understand what is going on in the mind of the other person, it is important to focus on this point.

People who read minds can stand up on the stage and say that someone has lost a family member recently. Then the mind reader observes the person who instantly reacts to this statement. The mind reader may even probe around just to watch for different types of reactions.

This reflects the mind reader’s skill at nonverbal decoding. The best method to enhance the skill of decoding nonverbal emotions is through consistent practice in a systematic way.

Ability to focus on the context

Simply possessing the skill of decoding nonverbal behavior is not enough. In addition, you need to focus on the context which is one of the key attributes of a mind reader.

The same nonverbal expressions or emotions in different contexts can have different meanings. For instance, during a discussion between a husband and a wife, if the wife squeezes the hand of her husband gently, it can have different meanings. It can be the sign of love and care.

However, if it takes place when the wife says something provocative, it can mean that the wife is asking him to pay attention. Also, if it takes place when the husband is saying something, it can mean that the wife wants him to be quiet. Therefore, context definitely matters.

Skills of detecting deception

Most people would like to be mind readers to predict if the other person is telling the truth or just lying. According to research, not every mind reader has the ability to detect the deception.

Only a few rare people with exceptional skills can detect lies. How do they succeed in doing so? Well, they look for any difference or inconsistency in nonverbal behavior or when the person is saying something.

Mind readers also succeed in analyzing the context. Additionally, they don’t believe in other shortcuts such as assuming that a liar will not look in the eye directly while lying. According to research, liars are experts in making good eye contact when compared to the truthful people.

Tips to become a good mind reader

Motivate yourself

It is certainly not an easy task to become a nonverbal decoder. It needs a whole lot of dedication to get there. Hence, it is important to motivate your mind as it is the first step.


Once you are motivated, you should focus on practice. Understanding the contextual behavior or body language needs a good amount of practice.

Also, one should practice to ensure that they succeed in assessing their own accuracy. If you are unsure of the truth, there is no way that you can be accurate.

Avoid mental shortcuts

Assuming that a specific nonverbal cue may mean the same thing is the most common mistake committed by novice mind readers. Don’t get trapped by the body language and behavior of people while detecting deception. It is better to detect deception by paying attention to the words of the person instead of the body language.

People who read minds well certainly possess these qualities. If you are keen to practice mind reading, you can focus on the skills that mind readers have and also learn the tricks mentioned above.

When you learn the tricks correctly, you can become a pro at reading other people’s minds. There are many people who have these abilities, but are unsure how to apply them in the right manner.

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