Mind Reading Tests

Mind Reading Tests

There are several questionnaires that are designed to help understand different aspects of human psychology. These are akin to mind reading tests that aim to get information about a person’s personality, behavior, belief systems, attitude and other aspects of their personality.

In general, the tests that exist today have been designed by psychologists to focus on a certain aspect of the human mind. Hence, while a certain test might be able to judge your social or emotional intelligence quotient, others are designed to understand general attitude and certain behavioral traits of people.

Use of mind reading tests

In most cases, mind reading tests are designed to address a certain attribute or psychological aspect of individuals. For instance, there are behavioral tests included in college admission tests to understand the inclination of a person towards a certain discipline or subject.

In many vocational entrance exams and training sessions there are tests conducted in order to understand the readiness of the minds of individuals towards a certain vocation or employment.

Such tests help administrators and trainers to focus upon areas of behavioral skills that can be developed and worked upon to develop successful candidates. In such cases the tests have the following features:

  • They usually consist of questions in multiple choice format.
  • There are weightages or scores attached to the different answers.
  • The questions correlate to a certain trait and the score indicating an individual’s ability or inclination in that trait.
  • The tests help to point out weak and strong points of individuals that can form the basis of choosing the person for a certain role or assignment or for personality development programs.
  • Usually the tests are as questionnaires on paper or in electronic formats that calculate the scores using software.

Modern mind reading software

Mind reading software of advanced kinds is now being launched in the market. These programs are more dynamic than structured questionnaire formats that tend to be focused on a certain mental ability or trait and cannot measure other aspects of the human mind.

Modern mind reading software is being developed with an aim of being able to decode brain activity in order to translate the brain signals into thoughts the inside humans’ brains.

What do these programs aim to do?

Scientists have been working on a computer program that can not only decode brain activity to show the dynamic thoughts in the human brain, but also interpret the voices that are in a human head.

It is hoped that such a system will help to communicate to a human brain without the help of language which can overcome barriers of speech and language.

How was the developed?

There was a study conducted a few years back when a team of people underwent epileptic surgery and their brain activities were recorded. They were asked to look at a screen that displayed the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. As they read the text aloud or silently in their heads their brain activity was monitored.

They were also asked to go through President Kennedy’s inaugural speech and the Gettysbury address.

The spoken data allowed a personal decoder to be developed for every patient, which was then turned into a visual presentation. The silent reading brain activity was then decoded and reconstructed.

It was found that neural imaging in this case helped to reconstruct several of the words thought in their mind. The program is being developed to decode the voice that is heard in the head when one reads a book or a newspaper.

This can help a medical prosthesis to be developed that can aid people who have speech impairments due to paralysis or any other brain or birth defects to speak.

This is a different take on the tests that are designed to interpret the personality or attitude and the other behavioral traits of an individual. Today, computer programs aim to decode brain activity that will translate the voice in your head into words.

For those who want to use mind reading tests for different reasons, they can find suitable programs for testing through online forums. There are mind reading tricks that work as tests as well of certain behavioral patterns found in most individuals which mentalists make use of in their different tricks and demonstrations.

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