Mind-Reading Techniques

Mind-Reading Techniques

There are unique mind-reading techniques that mentalists perform. These techniques are secrets and can’t be revealed to anyone so that their tricks will appear to be due to real mind-reading powers. However, in this article, mind-reading techniques will be revealed. You are lucky to be able to discover how these techniques work.

What is mind reading?

Mind reading is the special intuitive ability to know the secret thoughts of an individual. It is a category of mentalism and involves no sleight of hand o4 other use of equipment. It is simple and can be done with unique styles of a practitioner or mentalist. But sometimes, mind reading can be boring if it is repeatedly done time and time again. Add some style to your mind-reading tricks to make it more fun, believable, and entertaining.

Mind reading is also regarded as a performing art with those practitioners attributing their mind-reading performance to ultimate observation skills and tricks. It takes a lot of practice and hard work to perform mind reading techniques flawlessly.

How is mind reading done?

Mind reading is done by observing people, reading nonverbal cues, and more. This technique is called cold reading. It is one of the most basic techniques and most popular mind-reading category an amateur mentalist should learn.

1. Cold reading

It is done when the practitioner does not know anything about a member of the audience, but shows that he knows something about the person via mentalism. Cold reading is the use of language and knowledge techniques so that you pretend to know the person. It includes the reading of visual and auditory cues. Talk about such things as pets, food, and hobbies, and watch how each person in the audience reacts, such as eye dilation, smile, and body movement. Cold reading is the basis of most mind-reading techniques and it takes a lot of practice to perfect it.

2. Hot reading

Hot reading is similar to cold reading except that in hot reading, you know the subject or spectator. It is done by doing some research, overhearing a conversation, and other ways. You use this information to examine the subject and apply cold reading techniques such as watching or observing nonverbal cues.

3. Superior observation skills

Superior observation skill is the ability to read every little gestures or any nonverbal communications to know something about someone. This is one of the most important mind-reading techniques that all practitioners should know. Observation skills are applied to body languages, contractions, and eye dilation.

When you observe these things, you can predict what someone is going to say or do next.  Analyzing nonverbal cues is the key to initializing mind-reading techniques.

One of the most excellent mind-reading techniques

One of the most excellent and powerful mentalism and mind-reading technique that is now being revealed today can be learned through the Revelation Effect. Do you want to know what someone is thinking or going to do? Do you want to amaze your friends and family with your mind-reading power? The Revelation Effect consists of inventive methods that are fair, accurate, and 100% impromptu. These methods are easy to follow and include no palming and tearing.

The Revelation Effect also contains real life presentations with genuine reactions of spectators, and bonus features with additional tips to make your mental trick appear more real. When you buy early, you get three bonus tricks worth of $44.85. Plus, you may also try it for free. Included in the 14-day trial package are the Revelation Effect instructional video; the bonus section; free psychological opener; thought of card; and Q&A secret discussion.

Great mentalists of all time

The following are two of the greatest mentalists, or mind readers, known to perform flawless mental tricks. One confesses that he does it with a lot of hard work and practice, while the other claims that he has super powers.

1. Uri Geller

Uri Geller is popular for the ability to bend metals. He is one of the most prominent illusionists/mentalists in the world. He was exposed before for not having superpowers, but it was no longer a secret.

2. Craig Karges

Craig Kargest invented the word “extraordinist” which he tagged himself. He was known to have the great ability to read minds, bend metals, and levitate tables. Throughout his mental trick career, he performed over 1,000 times, making him one of the greatest mental trick performers.

You may not be like Geller or Karges in your current stage of learning mind-reading techniques. But with a lot of patience, time, and practice, you can learn the basic techniques to mentalism and mind reading.

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