Mind Reading Powers

Mind Reading Powers

The majority of people have the ability learn to read minds to some extent with time and training. We often think that only psychics can read minds. They may certainly know the proper tactics, but mind reading powers can be learned.

In order to acquire the skills of mind reading, you need to understand the psychology and science behind mind reading. When you do so, you will be determined to learn better.

With the help of some tricks, you can read minds like a natural mind reader.

Overview on natural mind readers

Mind reading powers can be learned by anybody, and you are probably doing it already. Most of the time, the assumptions we make are not completely correct. There is a possibility of mirroring the feelings or thoughts of people we connect with.

However, we can choose to pay attention to what the other person will do instead of what they say they will do. When you observe the facial expressions or body language of a person, you can guess if they are happy, sad, depressed, angry or sick. However, it may not be easy to read the minds of people who have a good poker face.

Basic skills required

There are not too many skills you need to read minds. You simply should have the determination to learn and be keen to follow your intuition about what the other person is feeling or thinking in the moment.

It is important to focus on practice before the abilities can come to you naturally. However, this does not mean that you should buy a deck of cards, a crystal ball or wear weird outfits to read minds of people.

It is very important to clear your mind from all distractions when you choose to read minds. In fact, this is one of the toughest skills to develop for most people. You can consider practicing yoga as it helps in keeping your mind focused and energized.

Useful tricks for beginners

  • In order to read the minds of people, it is important to clear your mind of all stress and thoughts. Be present in the current moment and allow your soul and mind to soak up all energy by the things and people around you. You can learn this art by spending some time in silence and ensuring that you are left alone.
  • Spend a few minutes to observe somebody person near you. Take a snapshot of their facial structure in your mind and register others things such as eyes, hair, body language and posture. You should be able to see other things as well and not just that person. You should visualize in a specific manner to gain some energy produced near you.
  • Focus on the face of the person and look them in the eyes directly for about 15 seconds. Avoid staring for too long or the energy might be interrupted as the person may end up feeling uncomfortable. Look away soon after 15 seconds have passed.
  • Create a picture of the person’s eyes and look at it in your mind. Figure out what kind of energy they have and what it feels like. Sit quietly and allow the feelings and thoughts of the person registering in your mind and soul. This way, you can begin the mind reading process successfully.
  • Start a conversation as this is where the feelings and thoughts of the person get uncovered. Choose any topic of your choice for conversing. You can ask questions about personal or work life.

When the thoughts rush into your own mind, similar thoughts will pass through the mind of the person as well. Take the opportunity instantly of telling the person what they are thinking.

If you have a strong memory, store such thoughts as you will need it while summing up the overall impression of the person’s thoughts in such sessions. The trick is to welcome all thoughts that pop up in your mind at that very moment.

The thoughts may be unpleasant, but you should give the reading of the thoughts with accuracy to the person. Keep your mind open to all possibilities.

Thus, the ability to acquire mind reading power indeed gives you a lot of power. However, you should know how to apply it wisely. With some of the basic tips mentioned above, a beginner will certainly be able to understand and work towards acquiring mind reading powers.

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