Mentalist Secrets

Mentalist Secrets

You might have seen mentalists at work in shows and televisions and marveled at the tricks and predictions they were able to do.

Mentalism is a new form of magic that has developed, and many often show off impressive tricks with their mind abilities. While ordinary magic tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat have become old, mentalism is a form of magic that is often performed by using certain mind reading abilities and techniques.

What do mentalists do?

Usually, the illusion of being able to read minds created by a mentalist might seem scary and magical. However, there are certain secret techniques that such individuals harness and develop in order to impress their spectators and produce the illusion that they are reading minds.

Mentalism in general is an understanding of human behavior and being able to predict outcomes. It creates the illusion that one is able to read the minds of others.

Mental magicians of repute like Derren Brown can perform incredible tricks in this category which has often left people wondering how they are able to do it. Here are some key secrets that every successful mentalist uses to be successful in their performances.

Watching the spectator’s lips

A mentalist will often tell a person in the audience to think of an item or a word and repeat it many times in their head. The mentalist will then talk about other things, but the person will continue to think about that word or idea in their head repeatedly.

Usually the person will move their lips slightly or say the word without realizing it. The mentalist will pick up on the signs by watching the lips of the spectator.

Usually, the first or the last letters of the word mouthed gives them a key as to what is being said or thought about. An experienced mentalist is then able to guess the word or ideas correctly.

Misdirecting the audience

One of the key ingredients to success in mental tricks is to convince people in the audience about something by planting an idea or a thought in their minds. This is the art of misdirection which gets the audience or the targeted person to think about that thing or idea.

This is done with body language as well as the choice of words. An experienced mentalist will misdirect the spectators to a certain idea or thought and then be able to predict it correctly.

For instance, a mentalist might include the word “watch” several times in his or her demonstration. After that if he or she suggests that the people in the audience think about an accessory, most will think of the watch they are wearing.

This is a trick that most successful mentalists use. It is the power of suggestion that works for most people. People are more prone to be influenced by suggestions than they would like to admit.

Mentalists understand the power of suggestion and use this art skillfully to misdirect and influence thoughts in a way that the people in the audience do not realize.

Getting useful information from the audience

Experienced Mentalists usually get information out of their spectators or their target audience in ways that people do not even realize. Information is extracted by talking about general topics which often seem relevant to people and might seem as if the mentalist is reading their mind.

For instance, the mentalist might suggest that he or she is seeing a number. That might be picked up from clothes or accessories people might be wearing. This often makes people believe in their mental abilities.

As they start trusting the mentalist, they become more open to the suggestions made and being more gullible.

Reading people

The main trait that is essential to success in mentalism is being able to read people and to pick up useful information about them. This is a basic trait that every mentalist develops and uses in most of his or her tricks.

Most people give out verbal and non-verbal signs that allow you to understand their background, their state of mind and other information. An experienced mentalist is able to pick up on such information and predict a person’s state of mind accurately.

This increases the convincing nature of the performances and leads to greater success in the mentalist’s show.

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