How to Perform Mentalism: Tricks Revealed

How to Perform Mentalism Tricks Revealed

You might have a notion that mentalism is a supernatural gift that only lucky people possess. Mentalists have flawless performance and they successfully make mind reading appear real. Mentalism is a fun type of performance art in which the practitioners makes is appear like they have highly developed mental abilities.

Mentalism includes bending metals, reading minds, moving objects, telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis, and mind control. While mentalism is usually performed by the greatest mentalists, did you know that you can also be like them? This article will tackle how to do mentalism and will expose tricks that were once secret.

Basic things to know

Most of mentalism and mind-reading tricks today can be tracked back to the supernatural powers that were carried out by psychics, spiritualists, and mediums back in the 19th century. However, history dates mentalism back to the ancient Greeks and to the Old Testament of the Bible. It was in 1572 when Girolamo Scotto, a diplomat and magician, performed the earliest mentalism trick.

Abilities to practice

Mentalists spend hard work, time, and patience learning mind-reading tricks. The following abilities are the initial techniques on how to do mentalism. They do not involve setting up of objects, reading palms, and more. Mentalism is a simple-to-know strategy that anybody can learn.

1. Cold reading

One of the basics of mentalism tricks is cold reading. This is done by closely observing visual and auditory cues such as eye dilation, body movements, and facial expressions. If you plan to enter into performing mentalism, this is what you first need to learn. Cold reading is one of the basics of most mentalism and mind-reading tricks.

2. Hot reading

This includes doing research, overhearing a conversation, and a number of other ways of knowing about a subject. The information that you acquire from these ways can be used to analyze your spectators. Combine it with cold reading and make your mentalism appear real and amazing.

3. Excellent observation

One of the basic tools in doing mentalism is excellent observation. Observe your subject’s gestures, expressions, body language, and twitches. Practicing it every day will improve your precognition abilities such as knowing what a person is going to say or do next.

Mind reading tricks revealed

Did you know that you can also perform mentalism? You don’t need to possess supernatural powers to be able to read minds or perform mentalism. In fact, here are some mind reading tricks that you used to just watch before. Read on and you can easily learn these easy mind-reading tricks.

The color black

This mind-reading trick is great when performed for a large group. Before you do this trick, secretly ask someone to be your partner. Discuss the details that you need to do together to make this trick appear genuine. Tell him/her that the object that is colored black will be your cue and the next object that he/she will reveal is the answer.

Now, gather everyone. Ask them to pick up an object in the room that you won’t know. Of course, you have to leave the room or close your eyes. Now, ask your partner, who they do not know, to tell objects found in the room. Once your partner reveals the object after the black object, you  know the answer.

Then, after few seconds, you tell him to stop and tell everyone the object that they picked up. Now, watch them amazed and surprised.

The dead

This mind trick is also great when performed in front of a large crowd. Choose three clueless spectators. Have a piece of blank paper and tear it into three pieces. Take note of each side of the paper—two pieces have one jagged side and one straight-line side, and the middle piece will be jagged on both sides. Ask each spectator to write the name of a living person, except for the person with the two jagged sides whom you will ask to write the name of a dead person.

Now, put all pieces into a hat. Put it on top of your head or ask someone to hold it for you. Feel the sides of each piece of paper. Choose the piece which is jagged on both sides. Tell everyone that you already know the name of the dead person. Pick up the right piece of paper and read aloud the name of the dead.

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