How to Become A Mentalist: Easy Mind-Reading Tricks You Need to Know

How to Become A Mentalist Easy Mind-Reading Tricks You Need to Know

Mentalism is an entertaining act of making people believe that a practitioner, also called mentalist, who appears to have very high intuitive abilities, can read minds, move objects, or bend metals. Many people believe that these mentalist have supernatural powers, but in reality, mentalists practice a lot to perfect their mind tricks. This article will reveal the secrets and teach you how to become a mentalist.

How to become a mentalist

It takes a bit of hard work and practice to become a mentalist. Some kids regard it as magic, but mentalism is purely a mental play that does not involve too much sleight of hand or special techniques.  It involves applying the practitioner’s know-how and own style to make it fun and amazing.

Becoming a mentalist involves learning different mind tricks. Mentalism is 80 percent performance and 20 percent style. If you try to perform it for your friends and family, and successfully do it, they might think that you have supernatural powers.

Mentalism tricks

You don’t have to possess supernatural powers or dedicate your life to learn mentalism. With the following easy mentalism or mind-reading tricks, you can be an instant mentalist anytime and anywhere:

Naming the dead

This mind trick is intended to be performed before a large crowd. Pick three people from the crowd (it is best to pick individuals whom you do not know). Hold a piece of paper and rip it into thirds. Give the first third, the piece with the ripped side and straight side, to the first person. Give the third piece, the one with the other straight side and ripped side, to the third person. Remember the second person who has the piece with both ripped sides. This piece is the key to the trick.

Then, ask the first person and third person to write the name of one living friend or family. For the second person, ask him to write the name of a dead person. After they do it, ask them to put the papers into a hat, while you announce that you will draw the name of the dead person. You will be away or turn your back so you won’t see what they write.

Then, you draw the name of the dead person. Ask someone to hold the hat for you so it’s clear that you can’t see inside. Make it appear that you concentrate really hard. Tell everyone that you already know the name of the dead person while you look at the second person. While your hand is inside the hat, feel around the edges of each slip of paper to find the one that has both rough edges. Finally, pick it out and read the name found on the second piece of paper that you have drawn.

Simpler mentalism tricks for yourself and friends

Mind tricks are not only a form of entertainment, and they can also be used as helpful hacks to daily life. The human mind is complex and tricking it in unique ways can improve its health and performance. If you feel that you do not mentally perform well at certain time of the day, here are some mentalism tricks that could help:

  • When you high five, look at the other person’s elbows and you will never miss your high five.
  • When you nod your head while you ask questions, the other person will likely to agree with you.
  • Ask you friend to look you in your eyes. Tell him that he cannot stop looking at your eyes. Then, ask him what did he had for lunch three days ago. He will not be able to give you an answer. This is because it is difficult to remember something without moving the eyes.

Learn more mentalism tricks

Do you want to learn more mentalism tricks? The Revelation Effect method is now available to unveil the secrets of mind reading. It is 100% accurate, no hassle, and easy to do. It allows you to reveal secret thoughts with the use of unique methods that are included in the video. The methods are clean, accurate, and easy. It doesn’t need setting up of tools or doing sleight of hand.

What is included in the Revelation Effect method is a 60-minute video that contains everything you need to know to perform mentalism; step-by-step methods; live performances on the streets with random people; and tips on mind reading. Also included are bonus features of unique ways to read minds, and three bonus tricks.

Get it now and become a mentalist.

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