Easy Mind Reading Tricks

Easy Mind Reading Tricks

Mind reading is not a new phenomenon. Indeed, in the days when modern science and information were not as widespread and known, more people believed in mental powers and were able to read and influence the minds of others more easily.

Today, in a world where information is easily obtained and people believe more in science than magic, it is often difficult to showcase mind reading and get people to believe in it.

What is mind reading all about?

Mind reading is about combining certain skills of reading nonverbal cues in other people along with observational power, knowledge of human psychology and an inherent sense of intuition.

Many mentalists who have gained success in this modern world often use the above skills along with experience and practice in being able to read people and being able to predict outcomes or answers that baffle people to a great extent.

Popular tricks and how they work

While most mentalists come up with unique tricks to puzzle and mislead their audience, there are certain tricks that are well known and have been used by several people. These are tricks based on human psychology which take into account certain specific reactions and human behaviors that produce the same outcome all the time without fail.

Grey elephant

This is an easy trick that can be easily tried by someone who is trying their hand at mind reading for the first time.

The trick is based on the assumption that, when people are presented with certain questions they will answer in a certain way. That allows them to fall into your hands in a predictable manner. Steps of the trick are as follows:

  • Ask your participant to pick a number from 1 to 10.
  • Ask the person to multiply the number by 9.
  • The two digits formed needs to be added.
  • Ask the participants to subtract 5 from the number.
  • The number formed needs to be associated with the corresponding alphabet.
  • The participant needs to think of the name of a country that begins with the letter.
  • The participant should then think of the name of an animal using the second letter in the name of the country.
  • Ask them to name the color of the animal.

State to them, that there is no grey elephant exist in Denmark, which will give them the answer that they thought of.

Telepathic telephone book

This trick is a simple one and can be done with a young audience who can do simple math.

  • The participant needs to think of a three digit number and call it out.
  • One could also involve more people in the audience, such as asking three people to call out a number and combining the three to form a three digit number.
  • This number should be written down for all to see.
  • Ask someone to reverse the number and subtract the smaller number from the larger number.
  • The new number needs to be reversed and added to the last number.
  • The participant should then be asked to look in a phone book, find page 108 and count down to the ninth entry.
  • The spectator is asked to read the name of the person.
  • The mentalist will pretend to concentrate on his or her mental powers and come up with the name magically.

The trick here is that, no matter what numbers are chosen and the above operations carried out, the answer always 1089.

The mentalist would have looked up the page number and seen the name of the person before, being able to guess it as if by magical powers.

Black magic

This is a trick that is perfect for a party of people. You could include the star of the party as your assistant. You need to tell your assistant that the black object in the room will be the signal.

After you have confided in your assistant accordingly, you ask everyone to pick an object while you leave the room. You will then ask the assistant to name the objects the people chose.

Once the assistant talks about a black object you will know that the next thing named is the object picked by the group.

These are some of the popular mind reading tricks that one can use to amuse their friends and others on different occasions.

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