The Revelation Effect

The Revelation Effect

The Revelation Effect is a mind reading trick and technique that comes as a series of videos. There are step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow as well as live demonstration videos included.

The trick of mind reading and mentalism as taught here is easy to master after an hour of practice. With the immense success already achieved by those who have practiced it, it is a technique that will take one’s mind reading abilities and confidence to the next level.


This training program includes the following:

  • A simple technique of mind reading explained step by step.
  • The method can be picked up by anyone.
  • It requires just 60 minutes of practice.
  • The technique guarantees the revelation of secret thoughts in the minds of strangers.
  • Videos included showcase the technique, live demonstrations and other helpful presentations.


  • The program comes in the form of videos to follow.
  • There are no lengthy e-book explanations to go through.
  • Live demonstrations of the technique included.
  • Helps any novice pick up tricks and trade secrets of mind reading.
  • Actual demonstrations increase the confidence of any novice in the technique.
  • Money-back guarantee is provided for customers who might not be satisfied with the results of the technique.


  • It depends on individual capabilities of customers to execute the technique.
  • Results might vary from one person to another.
  • There are similar techniques and tricks talked about elsewhere in this competitive market.


This e-product is an easy and convenient package of instructions in the form of videos and instructions. The Revelation Effect is a mind reading trick and technique that opens the secret world of mentalism to buyers.

Those who want to know how to predict mind thoughts of others correctly will be able to benefit from this simple yet effective technique. It is easy to master through the step-by-step demonstrations and videos shown.


If you are reading this review of The Revelation Effect, it means you are interested in mastering the art of mentalism. You might want to look at similar products in the market as well before you make a purchase.

Two similar products are Mind Reader and Awaken Your Third Eye. These books cover similar topics. The following comparison will help you decide which of these three products is right for you.

Mind Reader

Mind Reader was published in 2012. It is still on the top lists of books about mind reading. The book showcases the guidance of the author who promises to help the readers understand how they can unleash their mind power to obtain what they want in life.

This book looks at the holistic and essential use of mind power which can help to open up the spirit and openness in the mind of an individual. This is usually a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to learn and inculcate the art of mentalism.

This book might not talk about mind reading tricks and manipulation techniques, but it does go into how one can unleash their mind’s powers in getting what they want in life.

As success in life revolves around social interactions as well, one will find tips on how to read and influence others in order to get success in life.

Awakening the Third Eye

Awakening the Third Eye by Susan Shumsky is a book that talks about opening up our intuitive senses. These are always present within us, but we often ignore our intuitions or do not know how to strengthen these abilities.

The book talks about strengthening the sixth sense or the third eye. The author stresses how the development of intuitive skills will help one to get the right guidance in decision making, healing oneself and others, unleashing creativity as well as awakening one’s spiritual self.


The Revelation Effect is a series of video instructions and demonstrations, unlike the two books mentioned above. This product is more focused on revealing techniques by which one can guess other people’s thoughts correctly.

Though the approach of this method is narrower than the other two products mentioned above, it helps those wanting to learn mentalism to cultivate their inner spirit in order to gain greater long-term success in reading the minds of others.

People Who Read Minds

People Who Read Minds

There are people who are skilled at mind reading through reading the body language of others. Also, there are people who have the ability to make accurate guesses about the other person’s thoughts or feelings.

Though there is no evidence that supports mind reading through extra-sensory perception, some people do seem to read minds accurately. If you are keen to develop the skills needed to become good at reading the minds of others to understand their thoughts and feelings, you can read through some of the tips discussed below.

Non-verbal decoding skill

Most of the ability to understand the emotions or feelings of others by mind readers is done through the study of nonverbal emotional expressions.

Tone of voice and facial expressions are some of the best examples of non-verbal emotional expressions. In order to understand what is going on in the mind of the other person, it is important to focus on this point.

People who read minds can stand up on the stage and say that someone has lost a family member recently. Then the mind reader observes the person who instantly reacts to this statement. The mind reader may even probe around just to watch for different types of reactions.

This reflects the mind reader’s skill at nonverbal decoding. The best method to enhance the skill of decoding nonverbal emotions is through consistent practice in a systematic way.

Ability to focus on the context

Simply possessing the skill of decoding nonverbal behavior is not enough. In addition, you need to focus on the context which is one of the key attributes of a mind reader.

The same nonverbal expressions or emotions in different contexts can have different meanings. For instance, during a discussion between a husband and a wife, if the wife squeezes the hand of her husband gently, it can have different meanings. It can be the sign of love and care.

However, if it takes place when the wife says something provocative, it can mean that the wife is asking him to pay attention. Also, if it takes place when the husband is saying something, it can mean that the wife wants him to be quiet. Therefore, context definitely matters.

Skills of detecting deception

Most people would like to be mind readers to predict if the other person is telling the truth or just lying. According to research, not every mind reader has the ability to detect the deception.

Only a few rare people with exceptional skills can detect lies. How do they succeed in doing so? Well, they look for any difference or inconsistency in nonverbal behavior or when the person is saying something.

Mind readers also succeed in analyzing the context. Additionally, they don’t believe in other shortcuts such as assuming that a liar will not look in the eye directly while lying. According to research, liars are experts in making good eye contact when compared to the truthful people.

Tips to become a good mind reader

Motivate yourself

It is certainly not an easy task to become a nonverbal decoder. It needs a whole lot of dedication to get there. Hence, it is important to motivate your mind as it is the first step.


Once you are motivated, you should focus on practice. Understanding the contextual behavior or body language needs a good amount of practice.

Also, one should practice to ensure that they succeed in assessing their own accuracy. If you are unsure of the truth, there is no way that you can be accurate.

Avoid mental shortcuts

Assuming that a specific nonverbal cue may mean the same thing is the most common mistake committed by novice mind readers. Don’t get trapped by the body language and behavior of people while detecting deception. It is better to detect deception by paying attention to the words of the person instead of the body language.

People who read minds well certainly possess these qualities. If you are keen to practice mind reading, you can focus on the skills that mind readers have and also learn the tricks mentioned above.

When you learn the tricks correctly, you can become a pro at reading other people’s minds. There are many people who have these abilities, but are unsure how to apply them in the right manner.

Mind Reading Tests

Mind Reading Tests

There are several questionnaires that are designed to help understand different aspects of human psychology. These are akin to mind reading tests that aim to get information about a person’s personality, behavior, belief systems, attitude and other aspects of their personality.

In general, the tests that exist today have been designed by psychologists to focus on a certain aspect of the human mind. Hence, while a certain test might be able to judge your social or emotional intelligence quotient, others are designed to understand general attitude and certain behavioral traits of people.

Use of mind reading tests

In most cases, mind reading tests are designed to address a certain attribute or psychological aspect of individuals. For instance, there are behavioral tests included in college admission tests to understand the inclination of a person towards a certain discipline or subject.

In many vocational entrance exams and training sessions there are tests conducted in order to understand the readiness of the minds of individuals towards a certain vocation or employment.

Such tests help administrators and trainers to focus upon areas of behavioral skills that can be developed and worked upon to develop successful candidates. In such cases the tests have the following features:

  • They usually consist of questions in multiple choice format.
  • There are weightages or scores attached to the different answers.
  • The questions correlate to a certain trait and the score indicating an individual’s ability or inclination in that trait.
  • The tests help to point out weak and strong points of individuals that can form the basis of choosing the person for a certain role or assignment or for personality development programs.
  • Usually the tests are as questionnaires on paper or in electronic formats that calculate the scores using software.

Modern mind reading software

Mind reading software of advanced kinds is now being launched in the market. These programs are more dynamic than structured questionnaire formats that tend to be focused on a certain mental ability or trait and cannot measure other aspects of the human mind.

Modern mind reading software is being developed with an aim of being able to decode brain activity in order to translate the brain signals into thoughts the inside humans’ brains.

What do these programs aim to do?

Scientists have been working on a computer program that can not only decode brain activity to show the dynamic thoughts in the human brain, but also interpret the voices that are in a human head.

It is hoped that such a system will help to communicate to a human brain without the help of language which can overcome barriers of speech and language.

How was the developed?

There was a study conducted a few years back when a team of people underwent epileptic surgery and their brain activities were recorded. They were asked to look at a screen that displayed the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. As they read the text aloud or silently in their heads their brain activity was monitored.

They were also asked to go through President Kennedy’s inaugural speech and the Gettysbury address.

The spoken data allowed a personal decoder to be developed for every patient, which was then turned into a visual presentation. The silent reading brain activity was then decoded and reconstructed.

It was found that neural imaging in this case helped to reconstruct several of the words thought in their mind. The program is being developed to decode the voice that is heard in the head when one reads a book or a newspaper.

This can help a medical prosthesis to be developed that can aid people who have speech impairments due to paralysis or any other brain or birth defects to speak.

This is a different take on the tests that are designed to interpret the personality or attitude and the other behavioral traits of an individual. Today, computer programs aim to decode brain activity that will translate the voice in your head into words.

For those who want to use mind reading tests for different reasons, they can find suitable programs for testing through online forums. There are mind reading tricks that work as tests as well of certain behavioral patterns found in most individuals which mentalists make use of in their different tricks and demonstrations.

Mind Reading Powers

Mind Reading Powers

The majority of people have the ability learn to read minds to some extent with time and training. We often think that only psychics can read minds. They may certainly know the proper tactics, but mind reading powers can be learned.

In order to acquire the skills of mind reading, you need to understand the psychology and science behind mind reading. When you do so, you will be determined to learn better.

With the help of some tricks, you can read minds like a natural mind reader.

Overview on natural mind readers

Mind reading powers can be learned by anybody, and you are probably doing it already. Most of the time, the assumptions we make are not completely correct. There is a possibility of mirroring the feelings or thoughts of people we connect with.

However, we can choose to pay attention to what the other person will do instead of what they say they will do. When you observe the facial expressions or body language of a person, you can guess if they are happy, sad, depressed, angry or sick. However, it may not be easy to read the minds of people who have a good poker face.

Basic skills required

There are not too many skills you need to read minds. You simply should have the determination to learn and be keen to follow your intuition about what the other person is feeling or thinking in the moment.

It is important to focus on practice before the abilities can come to you naturally. However, this does not mean that you should buy a deck of cards, a crystal ball or wear weird outfits to read minds of people.

It is very important to clear your mind from all distractions when you choose to read minds. In fact, this is one of the toughest skills to develop for most people. You can consider practicing yoga as it helps in keeping your mind focused and energized.

Useful tricks for beginners

  • In order to read the minds of people, it is important to clear your mind of all stress and thoughts. Be present in the current moment and allow your soul and mind to soak up all energy by the things and people around you. You can learn this art by spending some time in silence and ensuring that you are left alone.
  • Spend a few minutes to observe somebody person near you. Take a snapshot of their facial structure in your mind and register others things such as eyes, hair, body language and posture. You should be able to see other things as well and not just that person. You should visualize in a specific manner to gain some energy produced near you.
  • Focus on the face of the person and look them in the eyes directly for about 15 seconds. Avoid staring for too long or the energy might be interrupted as the person may end up feeling uncomfortable. Look away soon after 15 seconds have passed.
  • Create a picture of the person’s eyes and look at it in your mind. Figure out what kind of energy they have and what it feels like. Sit quietly and allow the feelings and thoughts of the person registering in your mind and soul. This way, you can begin the mind reading process successfully.
  • Start a conversation as this is where the feelings and thoughts of the person get uncovered. Choose any topic of your choice for conversing. You can ask questions about personal or work life.

When the thoughts rush into your own mind, similar thoughts will pass through the mind of the person as well. Take the opportunity instantly of telling the person what they are thinking.

If you have a strong memory, store such thoughts as you will need it while summing up the overall impression of the person’s thoughts in such sessions. The trick is to welcome all thoughts that pop up in your mind at that very moment.

The thoughts may be unpleasant, but you should give the reading of the thoughts with accuracy to the person. Keep your mind open to all possibilities.

Thus, the ability to acquire mind reading power indeed gives you a lot of power. However, you should know how to apply it wisely. With some of the basic tips mentioned above, a beginner will certainly be able to understand and work towards acquiring mind reading powers.

Mentalist Secrets

Mentalist Secrets

You might have seen mentalists at work in shows and televisions and marveled at the tricks and predictions they were able to do.

Mentalism is a new form of magic that has developed, and many often show off impressive tricks with their mind abilities. While ordinary magic tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat have become old, mentalism is a form of magic that is often performed by using certain mind reading abilities and techniques.

What do mentalists do?

Usually, the illusion of being able to read minds created by a mentalist might seem scary and magical. However, there are certain secret techniques that such individuals harness and develop in order to impress their spectators and produce the illusion that they are reading minds.

Mentalism in general is an understanding of human behavior and being able to predict outcomes. It creates the illusion that one is able to read the minds of others.

Mental magicians of repute like Derren Brown can perform incredible tricks in this category which has often left people wondering how they are able to do it. Here are some key secrets that every successful mentalist uses to be successful in their performances.

Watching the spectator’s lips

A mentalist will often tell a person in the audience to think of an item or a word and repeat it many times in their head. The mentalist will then talk about other things, but the person will continue to think about that word or idea in their head repeatedly.

Usually the person will move their lips slightly or say the word without realizing it. The mentalist will pick up on the signs by watching the lips of the spectator.

Usually, the first or the last letters of the word mouthed gives them a key as to what is being said or thought about. An experienced mentalist is then able to guess the word or ideas correctly.

Misdirecting the audience

One of the key ingredients to success in mental tricks is to convince people in the audience about something by planting an idea or a thought in their minds. This is the art of misdirection which gets the audience or the targeted person to think about that thing or idea.

This is done with body language as well as the choice of words. An experienced mentalist will misdirect the spectators to a certain idea or thought and then be able to predict it correctly.

For instance, a mentalist might include the word “watch” several times in his or her demonstration. After that if he or she suggests that the people in the audience think about an accessory, most will think of the watch they are wearing.

This is a trick that most successful mentalists use. It is the power of suggestion that works for most people. People are more prone to be influenced by suggestions than they would like to admit.

Mentalists understand the power of suggestion and use this art skillfully to misdirect and influence thoughts in a way that the people in the audience do not realize.

Getting useful information from the audience

Experienced Mentalists usually get information out of their spectators or their target audience in ways that people do not even realize. Information is extracted by talking about general topics which often seem relevant to people and might seem as if the mentalist is reading their mind.

For instance, the mentalist might suggest that he or she is seeing a number. That might be picked up from clothes or accessories people might be wearing. This often makes people believe in their mental abilities.

As they start trusting the mentalist, they become more open to the suggestions made and being more gullible.

Reading people

The main trait that is essential to success in mentalism is being able to read people and to pick up useful information about them. This is a basic trait that every mentalist develops and uses in most of his or her tricks.

Most people give out verbal and non-verbal signs that allow you to understand their background, their state of mind and other information. An experienced mentalist is able to pick up on such information and predict a person’s state of mind accurately.

This increases the convincing nature of the performances and leads to greater success in the mentalist’s show.

Easy Mind Reading Tricks

Easy Mind Reading Tricks

Mind reading is not a new phenomenon. Indeed, in the days when modern science and information were not as widespread and known, more people believed in mental powers and were able to read and influence the minds of others more easily.

Today, in a world where information is easily obtained and people believe more in science than magic, it is often difficult to showcase mind reading and get people to believe in it.

What is mind reading all about?

Mind reading is about combining certain skills of reading nonverbal cues in other people along with observational power, knowledge of human psychology and an inherent sense of intuition.

Many mentalists who have gained success in this modern world often use the above skills along with experience and practice in being able to read people and being able to predict outcomes or answers that baffle people to a great extent.

Popular tricks and how they work

While most mentalists come up with unique tricks to puzzle and mislead their audience, there are certain tricks that are well known and have been used by several people. These are tricks based on human psychology which take into account certain specific reactions and human behaviors that produce the same outcome all the time without fail.

Grey elephant

This is an easy trick that can be easily tried by someone who is trying their hand at mind reading for the first time.

The trick is based on the assumption that, when people are presented with certain questions they will answer in a certain way. That allows them to fall into your hands in a predictable manner. Steps of the trick are as follows:

  • Ask your participant to pick a number from 1 to 10.
  • Ask the person to multiply the number by 9.
  • The two digits formed needs to be added.
  • Ask the participants to subtract 5 from the number.
  • The number formed needs to be associated with the corresponding alphabet.
  • The participant needs to think of the name of a country that begins with the letter.
  • The participant should then think of the name of an animal using the second letter in the name of the country.
  • Ask them to name the color of the animal.

State to them, that there is no grey elephant exist in Denmark, which will give them the answer that they thought of.

Telepathic telephone book

This trick is a simple one and can be done with a young audience who can do simple math.

  • The participant needs to think of a three digit number and call it out.
  • One could also involve more people in the audience, such as asking three people to call out a number and combining the three to form a three digit number.
  • This number should be written down for all to see.
  • Ask someone to reverse the number and subtract the smaller number from the larger number.
  • The new number needs to be reversed and added to the last number.
  • The participant should then be asked to look in a phone book, find page 108 and count down to the ninth entry.
  • The spectator is asked to read the name of the person.
  • The mentalist will pretend to concentrate on his or her mental powers and come up with the name magically.

The trick here is that, no matter what numbers are chosen and the above operations carried out, the answer always 1089.

The mentalist would have looked up the page number and seen the name of the person before, being able to guess it as if by magical powers.

Black magic

This is a trick that is perfect for a party of people. You could include the star of the party as your assistant. You need to tell your assistant that the black object in the room will be the signal.

After you have confided in your assistant accordingly, you ask everyone to pick an object while you leave the room. You will then ask the assistant to name the objects the people chose.

Once the assistant talks about a black object you will know that the next thing named is the object picked by the group.

These are some of the popular mind reading tricks that one can use to amuse their friends and others on different occasions.

Mind-Reading Techniques

Mind-Reading Techniques

There are unique mind-reading techniques that mentalists perform. These techniques are secrets and can’t be revealed to anyone so that their tricks will appear to be due to real mind-reading powers. However, in this article, mind-reading techniques will be revealed. You are lucky to be able to discover how these techniques work.

What is mind reading?

Mind reading is the special intuitive ability to know the secret thoughts of an individual. It is a category of mentalism and involves no sleight of hand o4 other use of equipment. It is simple and can be done with unique styles of a practitioner or mentalist. But sometimes, mind reading can be boring if it is repeatedly done time and time again. Add some style to your mind-reading tricks to make it more fun, believable, and entertaining.

Mind reading is also regarded as a performing art with those practitioners attributing their mind-reading performance to ultimate observation skills and tricks. It takes a lot of practice and hard work to perform mind reading techniques flawlessly.

How is mind reading done?

Mind reading is done by observing people, reading nonverbal cues, and more. This technique is called cold reading. It is one of the most basic techniques and most popular mind-reading category an amateur mentalist should learn.

1. Cold reading

It is done when the practitioner does not know anything about a member of the audience, but shows that he knows something about the person via mentalism. Cold reading is the use of language and knowledge techniques so that you pretend to know the person. It includes the reading of visual and auditory cues. Talk about such things as pets, food, and hobbies, and watch how each person in the audience reacts, such as eye dilation, smile, and body movement. Cold reading is the basis of most mind-reading techniques and it takes a lot of practice to perfect it.

2. Hot reading

Hot reading is similar to cold reading except that in hot reading, you know the subject or spectator. It is done by doing some research, overhearing a conversation, and other ways. You use this information to examine the subject and apply cold reading techniques such as watching or observing nonverbal cues.

3. Superior observation skills

Superior observation skill is the ability to read every little gestures or any nonverbal communications to know something about someone. This is one of the most important mind-reading techniques that all practitioners should know. Observation skills are applied to body languages, contractions, and eye dilation.

When you observe these things, you can predict what someone is going to say or do next.  Analyzing nonverbal cues is the key to initializing mind-reading techniques.

One of the most excellent mind-reading techniques

One of the most excellent and powerful mentalism and mind-reading technique that is now being revealed today can be learned through the Revelation Effect. Do you want to know what someone is thinking or going to do? Do you want to amaze your friends and family with your mind-reading power? The Revelation Effect consists of inventive methods that are fair, accurate, and 100% impromptu. These methods are easy to follow and include no palming and tearing.

The Revelation Effect also contains real life presentations with genuine reactions of spectators, and bonus features with additional tips to make your mental trick appear more real. When you buy early, you get three bonus tricks worth of $44.85. Plus, you may also try it for free. Included in the 14-day trial package are the Revelation Effect instructional video; the bonus section; free psychological opener; thought of card; and Q&A secret discussion.

Great mentalists of all time

The following are two of the greatest mentalists, or mind readers, known to perform flawless mental tricks. One confesses that he does it with a lot of hard work and practice, while the other claims that he has super powers.

1. Uri Geller

Uri Geller is popular for the ability to bend metals. He is one of the most prominent illusionists/mentalists in the world. He was exposed before for not having superpowers, but it was no longer a secret.

2. Craig Karges

Craig Kargest invented the word “extraordinist” which he tagged himself. He was known to have the great ability to read minds, bend metals, and levitate tables. Throughout his mental trick career, he performed over 1,000 times, making him one of the greatest mental trick performers.

You may not be like Geller or Karges in your current stage of learning mind-reading techniques. But with a lot of patience, time, and practice, you can learn the basic techniques to mentalism and mind reading.

How to Perform Mentalism: Tricks Revealed

How to Perform Mentalism Tricks Revealed

You might have a notion that mentalism is a supernatural gift that only lucky people possess. Mentalists have flawless performance and they successfully make mind reading appear real. Mentalism is a fun type of performance art in which the practitioners makes is appear like they have highly developed mental abilities.

Mentalism includes bending metals, reading minds, moving objects, telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis, and mind control. While mentalism is usually performed by the greatest mentalists, did you know that you can also be like them? This article will tackle how to do mentalism and will expose tricks that were once secret.

Basic things to know

Most of mentalism and mind-reading tricks today can be tracked back to the supernatural powers that were carried out by psychics, spiritualists, and mediums back in the 19th century. However, history dates mentalism back to the ancient Greeks and to the Old Testament of the Bible. It was in 1572 when Girolamo Scotto, a diplomat and magician, performed the earliest mentalism trick.

Abilities to practice

Mentalists spend hard work, time, and patience learning mind-reading tricks. The following abilities are the initial techniques on how to do mentalism. They do not involve setting up of objects, reading palms, and more. Mentalism is a simple-to-know strategy that anybody can learn.

1. Cold reading

One of the basics of mentalism tricks is cold reading. This is done by closely observing visual and auditory cues such as eye dilation, body movements, and facial expressions. If you plan to enter into performing mentalism, this is what you first need to learn. Cold reading is one of the basics of most mentalism and mind-reading tricks.

2. Hot reading

This includes doing research, overhearing a conversation, and a number of other ways of knowing about a subject. The information that you acquire from these ways can be used to analyze your spectators. Combine it with cold reading and make your mentalism appear real and amazing.

3. Excellent observation

One of the basic tools in doing mentalism is excellent observation. Observe your subject’s gestures, expressions, body language, and twitches. Practicing it every day will improve your precognition abilities such as knowing what a person is going to say or do next.

Mind reading tricks revealed

Did you know that you can also perform mentalism? You don’t need to possess supernatural powers to be able to read minds or perform mentalism. In fact, here are some mind reading tricks that you used to just watch before. Read on and you can easily learn these easy mind-reading tricks.

The color black

This mind-reading trick is great when performed for a large group. Before you do this trick, secretly ask someone to be your partner. Discuss the details that you need to do together to make this trick appear genuine. Tell him/her that the object that is colored black will be your cue and the next object that he/she will reveal is the answer.

Now, gather everyone. Ask them to pick up an object in the room that you won’t know. Of course, you have to leave the room or close your eyes. Now, ask your partner, who they do not know, to tell objects found in the room. Once your partner reveals the object after the black object, you  know the answer.

Then, after few seconds, you tell him to stop and tell everyone the object that they picked up. Now, watch them amazed and surprised.

The dead

This mind trick is also great when performed in front of a large crowd. Choose three clueless spectators. Have a piece of blank paper and tear it into three pieces. Take note of each side of the paper—two pieces have one jagged side and one straight-line side, and the middle piece will be jagged on both sides. Ask each spectator to write the name of a living person, except for the person with the two jagged sides whom you will ask to write the name of a dead person.

Now, put all pieces into a hat. Put it on top of your head or ask someone to hold it for you. Feel the sides of each piece of paper. Choose the piece which is jagged on both sides. Tell everyone that you already know the name of the dead person. Pick up the right piece of paper and read aloud the name of the dead.

Unveil Secrets of How Mentalism Works

Unveil Secrets of How Mentalism Works

People see mentalists as special humans with supernatural powers who can read minds, move things, or bend metals. They appear to have a sixth or seventh sense and high mental abilities that the “ordinary” people do not have. These supernatural powers, however, are actually tricks that the human mind fails to recognize.

In reality, mentalists have the abilities or talents that they have practiced over time, and appear to be extraordinary and real. Now, you might be curious as to how mentalism works. In this article, we will unveil a few secrets and techniques of mentalism tricks.

Defining mentalism

Mentalism is a kind of performance, usually done on the streets or on stages in which the mentalists acts to demonstrate high mental or intuitive abilities. Telepathy, mind reading, hypnosis, clairvoyance, and other supernatural mental powers are kinds of mentalism tricks. Among these categories of mentalism, mind reading is the most common and most popular. Mind reading reveals what another person is secretly thinking inside his mind.

Most mentalism tricks are mental plays which don’t involve any special techniques or sleight of hand. It is simple know-how and adding your own style to it to make it appear more real. When you perfect it over time, other mentalism tricks become boring and plain. If you have seen many mentalism tricks, you have an idea about how it works and realize that they are easy to perform.

Learn how mentalism works

Mentalism and mind-reading tricks are no longer a mystery or secret. You do not have to be a great mentalist to perform flawless mentalism or mind-reading tricks. You can amaze your friends and family with your “supernatural” intuitive abilities when you show them that you can read their minds. Learn how mentalism works with one of the most powerful and effective mentalism method that has ever been revealed to public.

The Revelation Effect is a mentalism and mind-reading trick that makes use of methods that can be easily learned within 60 minutes. The methods were once secret but are now known through the Revelation Effect. Some mind-reading tricks involve a lot of methods, but the Revelation Effect breaks these methods down and includes only the cleanest, fairest, and smoothest methods of reading people’s minds.

Perform simple mind reading tricks

Of course your friends and family know that you do not possess any supernatural powers. But you can still amaze them with these simple mind-reading tricks. They are easy to learn and can be performed for large groups at meetings, parties, or other celebrations.

The grey elephant from Denmark

This mind-reading trick involves a little bit of arithmetic and is a good mental trick to start off with. Pick any random person, or even your friend. Ask him to pick a number between 1 and 10 and secretly keep it in his mind. Ask him to multiply that number by 9. The product is a two-digit number. Now, ask him to add the two digits together. Then, ask him to subtract 5 from the resulting number. Then, ask him to determine the letter corresponding to the number that resulted from the subtraction. For example, A for 1, B for 2, C for 3, and so on.

Using the letter, ask him to think of any country that starts with it. Then, ask him to think of an animal that starts with the second letter of the country. Finally, ask him what color of the animal is.

Blurt out “grey elephant from Denmark” and watch the person be amazed.

Black magic

This mind-reading trick can be perform for a large group, and is great during parties. But before doing this trick, ask someone to be your accomplice—that someone may be the birthday celebrant, or an important guest. You two will talk and discuss the trick, telling him or her that the signal will be naming a black object.

Now, once you gather the group, ask them, as a group, to pick an object once you leave the room. Then you will return to the room. You ask your accomplice, who the all other people in the room are unaware of, to name objects in the room.

The accomplice starts naming objects—table, chairs, balloons, and so on. He will name objects until he says a black object. Then you will instantly tell the group the object that they all picked.


Although how does mentalism works is no longer a secret, it still does not fail to amaze and entertain people. Try applying these mentalism tricks and watch the reactions of your audience.

The Secrets Beyond Mentalism Tricks

The Secrets Beyond Mentalism Tricks

Mentalism is a mind-boggling form of entertainment. It is one kind of performing art that includes the demonstration of highly developed intuitive or mental abilities. The people who practice mentalism are called mentalists, and are sometimes categorized as psychic entertainers. Mentalism tricks include telepathy, precognition, hypnosis, and mind control.

Mentalists have practiced their skills for years. But did you know that you can also be an instant mentalist? You don’t need any special powers or years of training to perform mentalism. All you need to do is to learn simple mentalism tricks. In this article, simple mentalism tricks will be revealed and you can perform them for your friends and family.

Easy mentalism tricks

Mind-reading trick

Mind reading is one of the most common mentalism tricks that wows the people. Make it appear like you read someone’s mind by following the simple easy mind-reading trick with a little bit of math:

  • Ask the person to think of a number between 2 to 10.
  • Ask him/her to multiply it by 9.
  • Ask him/her to add together the two digits of their answer.
  • Then, ask him/her to subtract five from the resulting number.
  • Now, ask the person to think of the letter that corresponds to that number. (For example, a for 1, b for 2, c for 3, and so on).
  • Ask him to think of a country that starts with this letter. The answer to the numerical portion of this trick is “4”, so your subject will be thinking of a country that begins with the letter “D”.
  • Write your answer and put down the paper and pencil you used. Then, ask the person to say it out loud. Show him/her the word that you wrote on the paper.

The person will be amazed. This mentalism trick works when the person you are trying to perform it with thinks of a very common answer. In this example, you asked the person to think of a country that starts with letter D. Most people will answer Denmark because it is the most common country that comes to their minds.

Hot reading

Hot reading is one of the basic mentalism tricks. It is performed with someone whom the performer already knows something about. The knowledge that the performer can use in the mind-reading trick may come from overhearing a conversation, doing research about the subject, and more. This knowledge is used to read the person and pick up visual cues such as facial expression, eye dilation, and more.

This mentalism trick takes a lot of practice. Do not be discouraged if it does not work at first attempts.

The Revelation Effect Method video  

These simple mentalism tricks and more can be found and learned from the Revelation Effect video. It claims to be the most powerful mentalism and mind-reading trick that can be perfected in less than 60 minutes of practice. It is easy to do, no switching of tools, no tearing, and 100% accurate. It involves clean, fair, and easy ways to perform mentalism and mind reading. It doesn’t need any setting up or breaking of things, and can be done anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

Included in the Revelation Effect video are step-by-step instructions, which are the very exact methods that you need to follow (and they are easy to understand); the live performances which you can watch and imitate; and additional techniques and mind-reading secrets.

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Mentalism tricks revealed

With the above mentioned simple mentalism tricks, you can easily learn the basics of mentalism and perform mind-reading tricks on your friends and family. Even more, the Revelation Effect has all the information that you need to learn mentalism without any fuss, setting up, or breaking things. It includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions and you do not need superpowers or mentalism cults.

Watch the public become amazed with your mind-reading tricks. It takes some practice, confidence, and hard work, but when you can do the tricks smoothly, you can be a very good mentalist or an excellent mind reader, even you don’t have superpowers.