Be Cool with Cool Mind Tricks

Be Cool with Cool Mind Tricks

The human brain is one of the most complex machines in the universe. Scientists have successfully determined the nerves, cells, areas of the brain and the functionality of each area, but it is not yet fully understood how the brain works.

Despite this complexity, the human brain is surprisingly easy to trick. This happens because of mental shortcomings and shortcuts. This article shows some cool mind tricks that are entertaining and can be used to improve simple life inconveniences.

Some cool mind tricks to break the ice

Have you tried messing with your friends’ minds and get what you wanted? There are a lot of fun, cool mind tricks that you can do to break the ice:

  • Ask your friend to spell the joke. Let them say the word out loud. Then simultaneously ask what the white part of the egg is.
  • Try to whisper something to someone and he/she will likely to whisper back too.
  • Ask someone how many of each kind of animal Moses brought on his ark. Most people will answer two and all of them are incorrect. This is because people focus on the words “ark” and “animals,” but will gloss over the fact that it was Noah who built the ark, not Moses.
  • If you want to mess up your friends’ counting, say numbers in order instead of random numbers because the human brain latches onto patterns.
  • Ask someone to look into your eyes and hold the stare. Then, ask the person what he had for dinner two days ago and he won’t be able to answer. This is because the mind hardly remembers anything without moving the eyes.

Some cool mind tricks for daily life hacks

You can also use some cool mind tricks to get what you want, make somebody act in accordance to your will, or make yourself be more efficient and consistent.

  • While you ask a question, try nodding your head and the person you are talking with is more likely to agree with you.
  • When someone gives you incomplete answer, try to remain silent, maintain eye contact, and wait for them for a few seconds. The person will continue talking and give a complete answer and details.
  • If you want to lie, include in your story an embarrassing moment of yours. It will make your lie more believable.
  • If you think that someone is starting at you, look at your watch. This person will usually look at his/her watch too and you confirm that he/she is really looking at you.
  • When you do a high five, look at the other person’s elbow; you will surely not miss the other person’s hand.
  • When negotiating, be silent. The other person will be uncomfortable with the silence and will do anything to break it.
  • If your child doesn’t want to eat vegetables, ask him/her if he/she wants to eat vegetables in a pink plate or in a blue plate. He will likely to choose the color and eat the vegetables.

More cool mind tricks with the Revelation Effect

Do you want to appear cooler with mind-reading tricks? Introducing, the Revelation Effect method. It is one of the most powerful, effective mentalism and mind-reading tricks that has ever been published. This is the secret of successful mentalists and magicians who convince people with real mind reading.

The Revelation Effect consists of easy-to-follow methods which only take 60 minutes of practice to learn seamless tricks to awe anyone. It exposes every detail of the secret methods of mentalism.

It doesn’t need any setting up or breaking any tools or equipment; it involves no palm reading and switching, and there are absolutely no gimmicks. It can be done impromptu with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. It is fast, clean, and a fair act of a mind reading trick.

Included in the video are live performances filmed on the streets with random people. You will see people scream, be shocked, and watch their real reactions. Even more, the Revelation Effect method includes extra tips to make the trick more convincing. And there is more! It has three bonus presentations—the power to reveal any name, the power to read minds through touch, and the power to duplicate a hidden drawing.


The human mind may be the most powerful machine in the universe but it can still be tricked. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to trick this powerful machine? Be cool with the cool mind tricks listed above. You can even be cooler if you can do the tricks that mentalists and magicians perform on stage, and on the streets with the Revelation Effect.

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