Amazing Mind Tricks

Amazing Mind Tricks

If you wish to play mind tricks on certain people, here are some wonderful ones you can try on your friends and amaze them. They can be used as fun games or to get an edge over others.

Some ingenious tricks are listed below for you to try:

  • You could ask people questions in order, like: 1+1=?, 2+2?, 4+4? 8+8? Then ask them to name a vegetable. It has been seen that most people name carrot most of the time.
  • If you ask a question and nod your head at the same time, you are likely to get the other person to agree with you.
  • If you are arguing with another person, try to act calmer than them. It will probably make the other person say something irrational. This can then be used in the argument against them.
  • If you are high-fiving a person, you will not miss their hand if you look at their elbow while doing i.
  • If you have a song stuck in your head that does not seem to go away, try and think of the ending lines of the song. That will make the song go away from your mind. It is known as the Zelgarnik effect. Usually this is caused by the mind having a problem dealing with unfinished items or not knowing the end lines of the song.
  • To get your child to do something, offer a related choice. For instance, if you wish to get them to drink milk, offer a choice like drinking from a red or blue cup. They are likely to choose a cup and will automatically drink the milk.
  • Silence offers you an advantage when you are negotiating something with someone. Most people feel uncomfortable when they face silence from the other party. They are more likely to give in to your terms with such a stance.
  • If you are trying to tell a lie in a convincing manner, try adding an embarrassing fact about yourself to it. That will make you lie more believable.
  • You could ask someone to look into your eyes and then ask them to remember what they had for lunch three days back. Chances are that they will not be able to remember without moving their eyes.
  • If you whisper something to another person, they are sure to whisper back to you as well.
  • If you are looking, try to look from right to left instead of moving your eyes from left to right. We often tend to look in a single direction and miss out noticing certain items.
  • If you want someone to believe a story that is not true, repeat it three times with additional details thrown in every time. The first time they might question you but by the third time you repeat it, they will actually believe in your story.
  • There is another art of making people say the wrong thing. For instance, you could ask them to say the word S-H-O-P. Once they say the word, ask them something like, “what would you do at a green light?” They are likely to say ”stop” instead of “go”.
  • If you want someone to like you, ask them to do a favor for you.
  • If you are playing a game against someone and want them to stop playing so well against you, ask them how they are playing so well. They are likely to over-think it and spoil the advantage they have.
  • If someone is counting something and you want to mess them up, say a series of numbers in a certain order. Their mind will catch on to that pattern and lose count.
  • If you are carrying something that you do not want to carry and want someone else to do it, simply hand over the object to them while having a conversation with them. They are likely to take it without thinking about it.

These are some seemingly common but brilliant ways to trick people and misleading them in different ways. These are tricks devised on the natural inclinations of our mind. You can try them out and see how the response is the same every time in other people.

These tricks will help you to become more confident in different situations and use the tricks to your advantage to get any situation under your control.

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